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Lady Jessie L. Rogers

Phenomenal worshipper, mentor, virtuous servant, and vessel of grace are the characteristics of this dynamic woman of God.

Jessie L. Rogers is the First Lady of the New Jerusalem Worship Center, where she has served faithfully for more than 32 years, providing love and loyal support to her husband and in ministry. Married 47 years to an extraordinary man of God, Bishop James M. Rogers Sr. Lady Rogers has a genuine love for God, her family, and the work of the ministry. She loves serving the Lord which she plans to do all the days of her life.

Lady Rogers states, “Serving as your first lady is an honor and a privilege.” Lady Rogers is the host of The Women of Vision Conference, Women’s Day Chic White event, Some Teat Grazer, High Noon Tea event, Winter Wonderland Christmas Musical Parts 1 & 11 and the Forever A Lady Conference. Recently the Holy Spirit led her to organize a women’s ministry called Blooming Faith Ministry. Through this ministry, women are strengthened, encouraged, renewed, and “Blossoming To Flourish” as they come out monthly to talk, laugh, share experiences, pray for their families, the nation and our church.


Contact: [email protected]